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Friday January 24, 2020

The Honorable Daniel Ashe
Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

Dear Director Ashe,

As hunter-conservationists, we are opposed to the listing of the African Lion as an endangered species.

A decision to list the lion on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) would destroy the conservation benefits lawful hunting provides for the overall management of lions throughout Africa. We hope your decision is based on the science, laws, information and regulations provided to you by the African nations.

At a workshop convened by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the foremost African lion experts clearly outlined that the species is NOT on the brink of extinction in the wild. Rather, the lion is actually protected in the majority of its range.

If the FWS ignores the very experts it convened by listing the lion, then the species' conversation value would be eliminated and the long term effects devastating. We share the goal of sustainable conservation with you. We ask that you respect the scientific data provided by lion experts and NOT list the lion on the ESA.


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