SCI Foundation Has Been Working Extensively With Range Nations In Africa, To Prevent An Endangered Listing For Lions Under The ESA From Harming Lion Conservation. SCI Foundation Will Continue Helping Range Countries Provide Information To The FWS That Demonstrates Not Only That The Facts And Science Do Not Justify An Endangered Listing, But Also That Listing Would Be Harmful To The Conservation Of The Species.

Science Makes A Breakthrough

Marking a breakthrough in lion conservation, scientists can now accurately age African lions with a significant degree of certainty. Researchers with the Zambia Lion Project recently released two scientific publications outlining an innovative method for estimating lion age within six months using teeth.

Tanzania Lion Project Launches in Serengeti

SCI Foundation, in collaboration with the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute and the Carnivore Ecology Laboratory (CEL) at Mississippi State University, has begun what will be the most accurate population survey in the history of African lion research. Researchers have recently completed the initial stages of field work in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Historical African Lion Genetics Project

SCI Foundation has funded a new project that explores the genetic history of lions over 100 years. This project has the ability to set the record straight amongst the emotional cries about the downfall and genetic vulnerability of the lion.

Zambian Lion Project

Since 2003, The Zambia Lion Project (ZLP) Has Been Conducting Genetic And Demographic Research On The African Lion, Panthera Leo, In Zambia.

Lion Field Aging Research Underway

Recently, the Safari Club International Foundation's Small Grants Program awarded funds to facilitate a two-year research project on lions in Zambia. The project, headed by Dr. Paula White, will investigate the relationship between a lion's definitive age and its physical characteristics. The research will identify specific criteria based on appearance. This information will be used to improve the accuracy of visual age-determinations. The process will allow wildlife managers to better regulate and monitor the age-structure of a population, improve lion harvest strategies, and provide the public with new information.
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